Monday, November 16, 2009

A weekend of Nike fun!

What a crazy weekend!! It was a whole weekend of Nike Team fun too! For the first time since our race a month ago (what a whole month!!) a bunch of us got together at the GTS for a run together, and in typical Nike Team fashion it didn't disappoint. I had a fantastic 8 mile run (under 9:00 miles for most of the run!) and got to catch up with tons of friends. On the way home I grab some coffee as a treat and got what I needed to bake for our Nike Team reunion party on Sunday. Pumpkin chocolate chip cake with cream cheese icing!! I ended up paying a little bit for my great run with a cranky knee that I've been icing and stretching. It seems to be okay when I'm walking around. I had several funny steps on my Wednesday run for everything that was all over the sidewalks. My massage roller is helping a lot too. I think I'm still good to go for my Thanksgiving 1/2 marathon (with a bunch of my Nike friends!).

The party was awesome! I don't think I have ever seen so much bacon in one place before! Angela H. I have discovered your evil plan of taking over the world using bacon :). I ate, and then ate some more. It was all so good. Yummy chicken chilli and this amazing brie with cranberries & figs on top! Soooo good. I ended up bringing a whole cake home, making my Dad very happy! Everyone was eating things that were already pre cut and finger food, so neither of the cakes got eaten. No worries. It just means I have something yummy to eat for desert!

I can't believe it's Monday already. After playing for 2 church services, practicing, and having students playing on a recital it was a crazy weekend!! Is it Friday yet? I need a weekend fast!

Remembering the Nike fun!


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