Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How did they know?

Oh, Runner's World how did you know?! My issue of Runner's World came over the weekend and it was like they just knew that my race didn't go the way I had hoped it would because on page 43 was the article "Let it go." A whole two pages on how to get over a race that doesn't go the way you had hoped. I have to say it would work pretty good for a bad audition too =).

1. Wallow - check. Been there done that. It's okay to be unhappy if something doesn't go right after working really hard towards a goal, but just for a little bit.

2. Find a positive - admittedly this one can be harder especially if you're still in the wallowing phase. There is no such things as a bad sound playing a violin or a bad race. Everything is a learning experience. Learn and be better for it!

3. Analyze - you can't learn from the experience if you don't look back at it objectively. I've learned a lot over the years by making small adjustments after something goes wrong and I keep getting better!

4. Set new goals - I'm a very goal oriented person. I always like to have something that I'm working towards. Plus it helps stay motivated to do the work whether it's practicing or running.

5. Manage Expectations - I'm not really great at this one. I always have high expectations whether it's winning an audition or trying for a certain time at a race. I need to focus more on what is going on at the time and adjust (not react as my violin teacher always tells me).

Pretty timely! What do you do after something doesn't live up to your expectations?


Jim Osterman said...

I try and not have expectations -- at least not those written in stone. I try and go into an event with some goals in mind -- and I also try and qualify anything I expect to accomplish. Like if I slept well and trained well I aim at setting a new P.R. But I have also learned that anything is possible on race day -- good & bad.

There is always another race my dear friend....

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