Monday, April 26, 2010

Audition week

and que the freak out :-)

In some ways getting ready for an audition is very much like getting ready for a race. Every ache freaks you out. This weekend I was pretty freaked out. I spent most of it with an ice pack on my left wrist while trying to figure out what was bothering it so much. I didn't think I was squeezing, but then I'm nervous, and slightly stressed out too. This morning I got off to a sore pre-practice warm up of scales and started thinking. My shoulder is sore and stiff too. Why is that happening? And then I looked right under my nose to the back side of my violin, and the answer glared right in front of me. The shoulder rest! It had been uncomfortable for a while. Why? Because it need to be adjusted higher (spring weather means no sweaters or high collared shirts...). I felt the difference right away. My wrist is still sore, but everything feels better and more relaxed when I'm playing. I just need to be careful until Wednesday night when the real nerves kick in.

And of course I have another cold. Taking lots of vitamin C, taking some time off of running :(, and getting some extra sleep (I went to bed at 9:30 last night). Just as long as I can run the Big Peach 5k on Saturday. Oh, and do well on my audition :-)


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