Monday, January 11, 2010

New alignment

I got tired of sliding around when doing a yoga workout. See after my Dad's stroke 3 1/2 years ago I leant him my yoga mat so that he could do his PT exercises at home and asked to have it back when he was done. 3 1/2 years later I have no idea where the mat has gone to. So, I went and got a new one Saturday. I have been eyeing the Lululemon website for ages, and I decided this week that I wanted one of their align yoga mats. It's awesome!! Not only did I not slide, but the mat has alignment lines running down and across so that you can make sure your poses are lined up correctly. Genius! Can you tell I really like my new mat? ;) After my marathon (in 3 weeks -- eek) I want to try out some of the free classes they do in the store. (the buckhead store that I went does them on Saturday mornings). In honor of my new mat I actually paid for the 60 minute yoga for runners class. It kicked my rear end! I ended up having to take a short break and modifying some of the planks to make it through the whole class. I really like it though. So, all in all two good purchases for the weekend. Yoga has made me feel so much stronger as a runner. It really has helped strengthen my legs a lot. Plus I'm doing more stretching and hopefully preventing injuries! A win win situation in my book :)


Javi D said...

Love Daily Mile! I've been looking forward to others joining it for a long time. Look me up...

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