Monday, January 4, 2010

The Joys of Cookbooks

Sunday night I watched Julie & Julia. Whenever I watch it i have a strong desire to go out a buy Julia Child's cookbook and start making my way though it. Although with my family history of heart disease and high blood pressure I would probably only make it halfway through. I think it has something to do with butter...

Anyway, I started looking at my cookbooks and my long neglected copy of "The Joy of Cooking." I've never really gotten into ever since I purchased it close to 10 years ago. I was curious as to what kind of "treasures" it might have inside. Flipping through it before falling asleep I only got as far as beverages and drinks, but I did find some "interesting" things inside. Anyone up for Sauerkrat  or clam juice? None for me thanks. The meal planning section was like looking at something from 30 years ago. It made me smile, but gave me no desire what so ever to go out a make a tomato aspic for lunch today (so sorry to disappoint). There are some interesting things in this little gem though. Like a complete calorie, fat, and protein breakdown on the ingredients used in the book. Oh, and apparently in 1975 (the edition I have) there was already a concern about "soft drinks" and nutritional things to serve your child for lunch. I guess things haven't changed as much as we thought. I'm curious to look through more of it. I'm sure there are other amusing things hidden inside. I'm actually rather curious about the bread section, although it is all the way in the back.

Till the next installment...


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