Monday, June 7, 2010

A new beginning

I don't really talk about where I work on the blog (you never know who is reading), but today, today I am very excited. I took the morning off of trying to practice and most of the things I would usually do because I needed to clean. And not just clean the house, but I needed to clean my studio space in the house. Why? Because tomorrow my home studio officially has it's very first student! (granted they are lessons I donated to an auction, but you have to start somewhere).

My studio, well technically it's the basement. I have a nice private entrance from the back of the house. The only thing is that I share space with the exercise equipment and the dogs. The desk is now free of tennis balls for fetch and dog bones. I suspect it will work better that way! The space is all clean and dusted. The new area rug is down, and the dehumidifier is now on (it's a basement in the south!).

I'm honestly very excited. This is something I have dreamed about for years. Last summer after getting incredibly frustrated with my current situation I decided it was time to start setting things in motion. I got my website set up, and did some advertising. I got lots of e-mails from people interested in lessons, but they were only nibbles, no bites. I need to get some things in order this summer to see if I can continue to grow, especially after the schools start back in the fall. Having a studio at home and working for myself is what I've always wanted, and would take care of some of the other things that have been so frustrating in the past year. So, here's to a new beginning. It's starting small, but it's only the beginning. There are more chapters to come to this story!


Jim Osterman said...

This is wonderful. I remember when you set off in this!

Tricia said...

very exciting!

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