Sunday, November 8, 2009

Don't forget your ID!

As runners we don't always think about the dangers that might come during a run. All it takes is one car to change a great run into something horrible. The Georgia Chapter of Team in Training knows this all too well. Five weeks ago one of the Team members was hit by a car while on her morning run. The good news is that she survived and is making good progress. However, she had no ID on her and was a Jane Doe for 30 hours before the brilliant hospital nurses remembered that she came in with an ipod. They got her ipod, and called Apple with the serial number to discover her name. Because of this our coaches have continuously reminded us to be safe and above all else carry ID. And that's where the partnership with RoadID began thanks in part to another Team in Training runner. If you haven't heard of RoadID you need to! They offer a variety of IDs that can be worn while training. It's super to order off their website and there are a lot of options and suggestions for what to include on your ID. Here's mine:

You can add as many phone numbers as you want, plus any drug allergies or blood type. I also have one of my favorite phrases on it (although I did think about Because I eat, or love to eat. What can I say...). And it's super easy to put on your shoe if you choose this style:

Right next to my Nike+ sensor :). Super easy, looks good, and could save your life! I got great service too! The owner e-mailed me to let me know it shipped and it got here 3 days sooner than they indicated! Now that's service! Be safe, make sure someone knows where you are, and never forget your ID!


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