Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday fun with Team in Training

There's nothing like getting up early for a great run with the Team, and as an added bonus we had our nutrition clinic this morning. So, instead of running at 8am we left for our 6 mile run at 9:30am. Not such a great thing with Atlanta's wonderful summertime weather. I'm not sure that I really learned anything new at the clinic. I didn't get to go to the nutrition clinic when I ran the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon with the team. I think I might have heard a little too much about bowel movements this morning. Fortunately the 6 mile run was awesome! I ran with one of the new marathon team members returning for her 2nd Nike Women's Marathon. Despite the heat my Nike+ sportsband said we kept a 9 minute mile pace (even better than last weekend's Peachtree Road Race with a new 10k PR!!!). So, another great week of training, and a track workout to look forward to on Tuesday =).


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