Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today I flew!!

I went for my third run of the week, just a short 4 mile run. I was still a little sore from our strength training clinic at track workout, so I figured this was going to an okay run. I've had lots of great runs lately, and I figured today would be the day that the trend would change. Can you really have a great run every time? The first hill was a clear indication that the streak was ending. On top of it all it was really humid too, and I'm not a big fan of running in the hot, humid summer weather of Atlanta. However, one thing that I've learned over the last several weeks is that this is not a typical summer of running for me. I haven't been struggling, or cursing the humidity. I've been able to work through it and use what my coaches have taught me and it's made a world of difference. Today, it was different. I thought it would end up being a run/walk day just to get through it. Something happened around mile 2.5. I don't know what happened. All of the sudden I relaxed my legs, and started leaning a bit more to use my center of gravity to move me forward instead of my legs. And then it just happened ... it was like I was flying. I didn't feel like I was pounding the pavement, in fact I'm not sure I was really even touching the ground. The only thing I can use to describe it is to liken it to that moment in Titanic at the front of the boat yelling "I'm the king of the world." I really like flying!! I like to think I was getting a little push from someone looking down on me. After all my Uncle knew something about flying, he was a pilot. Nothing big, just little planes. He actually would help fly with angel flight (hmm... maybe there's something there) making sure patients could make it to appointments far from home by giving them a free flight. Not that he was athletic or even liked exercising. He had a knack for finding the nearest donut shop or Au Bon Pair (apparently the chocolate croissants were his favorite). But, still it felt like I had something extra with me today. Plus I felt like I could keep going for miles!

I really liked flying!! I have an 8 mile long run coming this week, maybe I can get another flying lesson on that run too. Hopefully I'll keep flying for a long time!


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