Thursday, October 1, 2009

Technology Over kill

yesterday afternoon was very interesting. It made me remember a conversation with a friend who is one of my former teachers. So, here's the question: What is the proper way to tell your teacher you will either be late, or your not coming?

Interesting right? When I thought back on it I came up with an interesting answer. See the only way I've ever let a teacher know I'm not going to be able to come is by calling them. When I started talking lessons that was the only way you could do it. There was no Internet to send an e-mail and no such thing as a text message (this is otherwise known as the dark ages to today's children). In fact the friend I mentioned before hates it when her college students send her a text saying they are not coming to their lesson. I can understand that.

This all comes up because of two students yesterday. The first just started at a new school and is running with his cross country team and it keeps running into his lesson. First I get a phone call and voice mail, which is great! Then a get a text message, which I reply to and ask if they want to come on Thursday. Then I get another text message with the same message as the first one. The second student was running late. Her dad e-mails me to say they're late. Fine no problem. I know he's driving so I don't send anything back (by the way I do not use my phone while driving!!!). Then I get a text at would have been the beginning of the lesson saying they're late. It seems a bit much to me. But then I started to think about all of the parents who have started texting me about lessons. No phone calls. No e-mail. Just text. What happened to the old way of doing things? I miss it! While I dearly love e-mail, nothing every beats a phone call or a note in the mail. Personally all of the messages were a bit much, but on the bright side I did know whether or not they were coming, which is a step in the right direction.

So what do you think? What's the best way to let someone know you're not coming?


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