Saturday, October 10, 2009

Final Nike GTS

Only 8 more days!!! I cannot wait for the team flight on Friday. I am so excited!!! This morning we had our final Nike team GTS (group training session) running "just" 8 miles. It feels pretty awesome saying I only have to run 8 miles. Despite having a cold all week it felt really good too! In fact I held a pace under 9 minutes a mile for a while too. At least I held it until the 2 hills at the end. They kind of kicked my rear end. Something about not being able to get enough oxygen into the lungs. Oh well. It's time to get lots of rest and take more vitamin C to try and get rid of the germs. I feel pretty unmotivated at the moment, but I have a violin lesson tomorrow that I'm not ready for at all. So, it's off to be more productive and then off to our shirt decorating party tonight (love it!!!)


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