Saturday, September 19, 2009

Running in the rain continues

Do you see the theme this week? It seems to be monsoon season here in Atlanta this week. The team ran a very soggy 8 miles this morning, which actually felt really great when it I was running and disgustingly muggy when it wasn't. I got to start of the run with to of my fellow mentors (have I mentioned that I'm a mentor?) who are running the half, which was fun because I don't often get to run with members of the half team. Something about running miles to train for a full marathon... Anyway we had a good time talking about how bad FSU seems to be (myself and our co-captain are alums), Angela's love of bacon (to be honest I got it started), and so much more. I kind of took off at the end and just ran my heart out. Okay, not really, but it felt really good to pick up the pace a little since I've felt I've gotten a little to cozy with running a "comfortable" pace all of the time. I know it's not lazy, but I feel like I need to at least challenge myself just a little on some of my shorter runs. It felt really awesome!!!

Looks like next week's run might be a little soggy too =(. I don't mind for the shorter ones, but we have our 20 mile run next Saturday, and well, I would kind of like to be dry if I'm being honest. Although I'll take whatever we're given. You never know what might happen on race day...

I've started thinking about what I might want to do after Nike. Maybe the Atlanta half marathon Thanksgiving day? And which part of ING Georgia do I want to do? Any thoughts?


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