Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday & Tempo Run

Ah, I think my weekly tempo run at my goal race pace is quickly becoming my favorite run of the week! This morning's was more challenging than last week's, but after uploading the run I discovered why. It was a bit faster than the 9:00 minute per mile pace I was after =). So, here it is:

4.12 miles
36:19 total time
8:48 average pace per mile
1st mile 8:13
2nd mile 8:13
3rd mile 8:13
4th mile 7:02

Like I said, it was a bit faster than I was expecting to go, especially with the fall allergy season starting up (maybe it's pent up energy since my last run was Friday, or maybe it's because today is my birthday). I also got to run with my super awesome new Nike+ sportsband (thanks Mom!!!).

I honestly did not expect to go that fast. It was a good challenge though. Maybe it's all of the yummy food I've been eating celebrating my birthday (Seasons 52 and Flip Burger Boutique. Such a happy tummy). Or maybe it's some of the new strength training I've been trying. Who knows. I do feel really good heading into our 18 mile run this Saturday. Now I just need to figure out a route for tomorrow's 10 mile run...


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