Monday, August 31, 2009

Tempo Run

This morning I did my very first tempo run at my goal marathon pace. It was awesome!!!! I wasn't sure I was going to end up doing a tempo run because it was so humid this morning, but i just went with the flow this morning. I'm still a little tight and sore after Saturday's 16 mile run, but it felt great to stretch my legs and just let go this morning. How good was it? Here it is:

4.16 miles
average pace 9:06 per mile
mile 1 8:41
mile 2 9:08
mile 3 8:33
mile 4 8:33

That's it for this morning. Time to practice for last time before my audition tomorrow (have I mentioned I'm in total freak out mode??). Oh, and I finally got my fundraising video uploaded to YouTube!! You can check it out at:


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