Monday, August 9, 2010

63 days

"So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of running especially racing is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved"  - Nancy Anderson, runner

It would have been so easy to give up during Saturday's run, which would have been a huge shame considering how the 1st 3/4 of the run went (felt incredibly strong). See 3/4 of the way through the run I tripped. The sidewalk was a little messed up and I didn't quite get my foot high enough to clear the raised part. The next thing I knew I was headed towards the ground. My old soccer instincts kicked, and I rolled to my left after my right hand slammed into the ground. Soccer rolls work great on grass! Not so handy with cement. Sitting on the sidewalk with 5 other freaked out teammates I had a choice. I could go on, or I could quit. Quitting never occurred to me. After a minute I hopped up and got everyone going again. It wasn't easy, but I did it. A marathon isn't easy either, and I wouldn't stop if the same thing happened during the race.

It's hard to believe how close we are starting to get to Chicago. My aunt sent me this a couple of weeks ago when she was in Chicago:

I keep it next to my bed conveniently right by my alarm clock so that I remember why I'm getting up before dawn to go for a run. 63 days is all that stands between me and the Chicago Marathon. I'm getting so close with my fundraising too, but I still need your help. In the next 54 days I need to raise $1038 dollars. A donation as little as $5 can make a huge difference in the life of someone diagnoised with cancer by giving them the information they need from a patient care information packet. You can help by going to my fundraising site. Thanks!


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