Friday, April 9, 2010

violin & running not so different

Sometimes it's funny to think about how different two things can be only to discover they really aren't that different. It blows my mind sometimes how similar running and playing the violin can be.
  • running has the whole barefoot vs. shod (shoes) debate. In violin we have the great bow hold debate, french vs. german (I'm a french girl)
  • long and slow are the name of the with weekly long run. Slow is the best way to learn things in music
  • want to get faster, add a speed workout to your weekly run schedule. want to play faster. better crack out that metronome and start doing some faster practicing in that music
  • breathing right is really helpful
  • strength training helps you keep your form for longer
  • focusing on form and technique can make you more efficient
  • proper nutritution and hydration are important 
  • the weeks prior to a race/audition can make you go through every emotion possible (and then some)
A few differences:
  • in running you taper your miles before a race so your legs can rest (affectionately know as the taperworm or taper monster). It can bring out our more colorful personality traits. There is no such thing as tapering for auditions or concerts. If anything, there is cramming...
  • you can run in just about any kind of weather within reason. violins don't like being outside and react, sometimes violently, to weather changes (I've had pegs shoot across rooms before)
  • you can fix things as you go during a marathon. auditions and concerts are like the 100 yard dash. you only get one shot to be perfect
I've got just under 3 weeks till my audition. Last week I was in tears while working on my excerpts. This week I find them oddly relaxing. Go figure. The good news, every excerpt I played today was perfect on the first run through. That's a huge step forward. You only get one shot on audition day.
Oh, and look what jumped into my violin case :)


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